Write Something Worth a Damn

Honestly, when I see another article about how you should do things as an entrepreneur I reflexively reach for the ‘bullshit e-mail, delete it now’ button. What kind of entrepreneur tells other people about how to entrepreneur? An entrepreneur that’s not entrepreneuring. Because if they were seriously entrepreneuring they’d be too busy to tell other people how to entrepreneur. Also, entrepreneur.

Gary Rogers — Write Something Worth a Damn

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And Lisbon is next

Berlin has always hosted poverty better than other European capitals, but this time around, Berlin has embraced an economic model that makes poverty pay. The idea is to cash in on Berlin’s cachet by branding it as a “Creative City”—but it is also, to judge by what has happened, to gut public services, to sell off public housing, and to strategize about new ways of turning taste into profit. This new Berlin is a city where imaginative expression supports, directly or indirectly, a grand scheme for making a small number of people rich. One of these days, some lucky Berliners and expats will finally attract venture capital from London, Palo Alto, and Boston. But the others—the scenic poor and the clever unemployeds who make the city so attractive—will find it ever more difficult to make ends meet.

Quinn Slobodian and Michelle Sterling — Sacking Berlin

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Weihnachtsgeschenk aus Deutschland

Heute kam ein Geschenk aus Deutschland mit der Post. Ich bin mir nicht genau sicher, was ich getan habe (oder vielleicht hab’ Ich eben gar nichts getan), um es zu verdienen, aber wünsche euch allen ein sehr frohes Weihnachtsfest. Ich weiss’ nicht wie Ich mich bedanken soll, und hoffe dass es kein Plan ist, um mich für die nächsten 2 monate wach zu halten.



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