Every Night I Dream


Considered the Cavafy of our days, Nanos Valaoritis was witness to the moment when Lawrence Durrell and Henry Miller first met George Seferis and George Katsimbalis (who first published the poet in 1939, and was of course to become Miller’s Colossus).

Every night I dream of great poetry
Quite different from mine
Or what I will ever write
And yet – every night I dream
Of this very different poetry
Composed of lines so solid
So dense and grainy
They could have been made of granite I ask myself – what is their subject
What do they say these marvellous lines
Which to behold – will leave you aghast
They’ll take your breath away
But – however – in any case – I’m sorry to say
Impossible to guess what it’s all about
And I have tried and tried, believe me,
And puzzled over these lines
Day after day – and in the night
They keep on coming back
With new earthshaking and tremendous
Messages – of great import
That everyone should hear
But not a single word remains
When I open my eyes – they’re gone
They vanish in pure daylight
These huge edifices – those titanic
Workings of each night.

Nanos Valaoritis — Every Night I Dream

It is all an unfathomable, endless web.

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