Exploring Emotions: Ask It Forward

A beautifully simple concept, by Eduardo Bragança. The first installment is Lisbon, music by my older brother, Pedro.

12 Cities, 12 Months, 12 Questions. An art project that wishes to eternalize people as part of their own creations, allowing spontaneous thoughts or a spiritual thinking to be as much inspiring process as a work of art.

Ending on a painting exhibition in 2013, this 12 documentary series explores people emotions and the questioning. Making people as the own art piece of this creation.
Eduardo Bragança

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For language nerds

But do they ever let the tripping of the tips of their tongues against the tops of their teeth transport them to giddy euphoric bliss?

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…it has become impossible for most citizens in these corporate states to find out what is happening in the centers of power. Television news celebrities dutifully present two opposing sides to every issue, although each side is usually lying. The viewer can believe whatever he or she wants to believe. Nothing is actually elucidated or explained. The sound bites by Republicans or Democrats, the Liberals or the Conservatives, are accepted at face value. And once the television lights are turned off, the politicians go back to the business of serving business.

Chris Hedges – Why the revolution must start in America

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Happiness. Slowly.

…but my life circumstance and neurochemistry nonetheless got on the same page and decided to throw me a little party (unaided by pharmacology, I want to stress). A strange euphoria came over me and stayed for a while. I don’t have any other label for the feeling except happiness. I didn’t ask for it and surely wasn’t expecting it, but was appreciative as Hell.

In “Happiness Doesn’t Hit“, by The Great Automatic Grammatizator

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I don’t believe there’s such a thing as…

I don’t believe there’s such a thing as TV. I mean – they just keep showing you the same pictures over and over. And when they talk they just make sounds that more or less synch up with their lips.

Laurie Anderson – Language is a virus

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I notice now that you are under pressure…

…I notice now that you are under pressure to accept a bailout but your politicians are claiming to be determined not to take it. It will, they say, be over their dead bodies. In my experience that means you’ll be getting a bailout soon, probably on a Sunday.

Independent .ie – Bit of friendly advice, Portugal

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Pretty Portugal (via eurotravelbug)

It’s always strange to see how others experience one’s country. A marvelous read.

Pretty Portugal Pretty Portugal (Part one) We love our little German town.   It is the quintessential place to live with very little crime and a 10 minute drive to the nearest big city.  We have houses, a bakery, an apotheke (pharmacy), a small grocery store and lots of farm land and forest around us.  It is smaller than some of the towns I grew up in and swore I would never return to, but was only to thrilled to bring my kids so that they could enjoy small town … Read More

via eurotravelbug

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