“We have to explain ourselves to users, …

We have to explain ourselves to users, technicians, public managers and almost everybody else. We discovered that fear, uncertainty and doubt are very effective tools to hinder our progress. Fortunately, our politicians promote and support our IT policies to switch to free software. Obtaining and maintaining this political support is crucial to overcome difficulties in the migration process.

Zaragoza’s move to complete open source desktop going to plan

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“…we (the open-source community) have…

…we (the open-source community) have fun doing what we do. Our creative play has been racking up technical, market-share, and mind-share successes at an astounding rate. We’re proving not only that we can do better software, but that joy is an asset.

Eric Steven Raymond – The Cathedral and the Bazaar

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“Yes, the constant arrival of informati…

“Yes, the constant arrival of information packets can be distracting or addictive, especially to people with attention deficit disorder. But distraction is not a new phenomenon. The solution is not to bemoan technology but to develop strategies of self-control, as we do with every other temptation in life. Turn off e-mail or Twitter when you work, put away your Blackberry at dinner time, ask your spouse to call you to bed at a designated hour.”

Steven Pinker – “Mind Over Mass Media

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I’ve been meeting with a few people in …

I’ve been meeting with a few people in Europe, curiously still hanging to old and odd opinions of Open Source Software and its application in real-world, real business situations . As I’ve found myself repeating the same mantra once too often, here’s a complete and exhaustive post, taken from a talk given by Tim O’Reilly to a group of Fortune 500 executives. (in 1999!)

Ten Myths about Open Source Software

Here’s a bite:

If open source software isn’t reliable enough to use, then the Internet isn’t reliable enough, because the Internet infrastructure relies heavily on Open Source software.

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Go figure. I’ve been to Óbidos hundreds …

Go figure. I’ve been to Óbidos hundreds of times, and never really tought about this…

US/Portugal culture: Fences and walls A recent article in the New York Times discusses the fate of a promenade along the edge of the sea cliffs in Newport, Rhode Island. The Cliff Walk, as it’s called, is lined in places by not-very-scenic chain link fencing, in order to protect people from going off the walk and hurting themselves. (Photo by Gretchen Ertl for the NYT) Naturally, accidents still happen. Accident victims want someone to take the blame and to compensate them. A recent … Read More

via Oregon Expat

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Another day at the office
Another day at the office

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[…] o Portugal de hoje prolonga o anti…

[…] o Portugal de hoje prolonga o antigo regime. A não-inscrição não data de agora, é um velho hábito que vem sobretudo da recusa imposta ao indivíduo de se inscrever. Porque inscrever implica acção, afirmação, decisão com as quais o indivíduo conquista autonomia e sentido para a sua existência. Foi o salazarismo que nos ensinou a irresponsabilidade — reduzindo-nos a crianças, crianças grandes, adultos infantilizados.

José Gil em “Portugal, Hoje: O Medo de Existir”

E nós não só deixámos, como gostamos…

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Mark Twain explains the German Language:…

Mark Twain explains the German Language:

…Dafür habe ich, aus reinische Verlegenheit — no, Vergangenheit — no, I mean Höflichkeit — aus reinische Höflichkeit habe ich resolved to tackle this business in the German language, um Gottes willen! Also! Sie müssen so freundlich sein, und verzeih mich die interlarding von ein oder zwei Englischer Worte, hier und da, denn ich finde dass die deutsche is not a very copious language, and so when you’ve really got anything to say, you’ve got to draw on a language that can stand the strain.

Mark Twain, The Awful German Language.

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A different language

A different language is a different vision of life.

Federico Fellini

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