“We have to explain ourselves to users, …

We have to explain ourselves to users, technicians, public managers and almost everybody else. We discovered that fear, uncertainty and doubt are very effective tools to hinder our progress. Fortunately, our politicians promote and support our IT policies to switch to free software. Obtaining and maintaining this political support is crucial to overcome difficulties in the migration process.

Zaragoza’s move to complete open source desktop going to plan

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I’ve been meeting with a few people in …

I’ve been meeting with a few people in Europe, curiously still hanging to old and odd opinions of Open Source Software and its application in real-world, real business situations . As I’ve found myself repeating the same mantra once too often, here’s a complete and exhaustive post, taken from a talk given by Tim O’Reilly to a group of Fortune 500 executives. (in 1999!)

Ten Myths about Open Source Software

Here’s a bite:

If open source software isn’t reliable enough to use, then the Internet isn’t reliable enough, because the Internet infrastructure relies heavily on Open Source software.

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