For the sake of argument, let’s assume that any person can be mostly described by a finite set of adjectives and that, were the individual elements of said set to be presented in the proper, perfect sequence it would make them, without the need for further elaboration, immediately able to identify that person , even if only in passing.

Let’s also assume that, at some given point in time, you’re the one being ascribed these particular taxa, whichever they may be. Of course, by definition, you have no say in the purpose, methodology or combinations that this amalgam creates; they will very likely be foreign to your own internal representation, even if sometimes there’s an overlap (and, by the way, you do know that the overlap is a coincidence, not an affirmation, right?)

Will you wear the words? Will it hurt to realize how unfair or incomplete they appear to be? Will it delight to discover how much more they seem to reveal? Will you care at all? Or will you ignore them and look at what was before they were uttered, before the miasma that birthed them, even?

We do this all time and never realise that to give them any importance, is a lie. This new image they create will only make your incompleteness, well… closer to being complete.

The universe doesn’t care about you; it isn’t good or evil.

It’s just indifferent.



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